Laura E. Park, D. V. M.
Dr. Park graduataed from Auburn University in 1989 and bought the practice in 1990.

She enjoys Auburn football, horseback riding, snorkling and hanging with her boys.

Not shy on pets, she currently has 4 dogs, 4 cats, 9 horses and one guinea pig.

Karen Culpepper,
Vet Technician
Karen guaduated from Snead in 1991 and joined the practice.

Karen enjoys photography, traveling and snorkling and her favorite pets are her horses.

Linda Currey,
Vet Technician
Linda guaduated from Snead in 1994 and has been with the practice ever since.

She is retired after 24 years in the Reserves and raises pugs as a hobby.

Linda has 3 kids - 2 girls and 1 boy and enjoys her grandchildren.