Pet Care

  • Okay, you've picked your vet. And again - hopefully it's us.

  • Vaccinations are so important in the prevention of diseases and to ensure a healthy life, so make sure you keep all vacinnations and medications up to date.

  • With a NEW puppy or kitten, visit your vet as soon as possible after acquiring them, whether from a reliable breeder or from adoption.

  • Your dog/cat can't speak for themsleves and are dependent on YOU to make sure we know all the symptoms and history of any illinesses.

  • If you've had to bring your pet to us because of an accident or illiness, please do not leave our office without a clear understanding of your responsibilities in continuing the care. If your pet has a bandage or stitches you must know what care is necessary at home. If you will be giving medication you must be sure you understand the directions. Don't be embarrassed to ask questions.

  • We want your pet to be in good health. We understand that we are part of a team - that includes you. Call us with any questions you have!